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Friday, May 9, 2014

The treasure-box of Minal Browny

Minal Browny is growing, and also growing cuter and funnier by the day.

'Now she's storing everything in my new shoe,' says Velmurugan. 'It's her treasure-box.' 

Storing her treasures

'She usually stores tomatoes and carrots and bones and puppy chew sticks in there. This morning I saw my toothpaste in my shoe as well.

She always sleeps with her treasure-box.'

Always on the lookout for new stuff...
'What you looking at? I'm not doing anything bad here'

Here's a nice collage Velmurugan has made of her treasures. Quite a collection!

Photos: Velmurugan Ko

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Samir said...

wonderful . keep it up :)