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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Deepa and Jamie

Deepa was always my favourite INDog Club member, because she looks so like Lalee.

This girl has been settled happily in Switzerland with Nicole's parents for over two years now. Read about her in The lake of swans.

Deepa is a gentle friendly soul and she has a special bond with Jamie, Nicole's little nephew.

Jamie was born just a day before Deepa reached Switzerland. See Deepa and the baby for an earlier picture of him. He has learned to speak now and the first thing he says every morning is that he wants to go to Deepa's house. Fortunately his home is within walking distance of Nicole's parents' place so these two friends get to meet daily.
"The boy shares everything with her from biscuits to ice cream," Nicole writes. "She allows him to use her back as a pillow on the sofa and seems to like it."

Recently Jamie wanted his pictures taken along with Deepa. Here they are!

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Photos: Nicole Poyyayil


wandereress said...

Love the pictures. Jamie and Deeepa's beautiful bond is so evident. I can't stop smiling. Thanks for sharing these Nicole. Juhee

Npoyyayil said...

Juhee, most welcome, and thanks to Rajashree who created this great blog. I believe it benefits children to grow up with animals, learning from very small age onwards, that they are not toys but great friends.