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Monday, April 18, 2011

Reunion in Toronto

Last month Pete and Lisa met for the first time since his adoption and journey to Canada one and a half years ago.

Pete's mom Sarah is a wonderful photographer, so there are lots of beautiful pictures of the reunion. Here are a few I asked Sarah to share with us.

For those who haven't read about Pete in this blog, he started life as a scrawny pup on the streets of Ahmedabad. Then Lisa rescued him and made a video for his adoption. His name was "Hugo Boss" at the time. Sarah saw the video in this blog and fell in love with him.

I remember I was in Chorla Ghat, Goa, when puppy Pete was on his way from Ahmedabad to Toronto. I had no signal and I kept wondering how he was doing on the long flight.

Follow Pete's story in this blog: here are his adoption video, his journey to Canada,
his first winter in Canada, and here he is playing with Jorja.

You'll find more posts if you enter "Pete" in the search box.

Above: With Sarah, Jorja and Lisa

Pete is one of the very few lucky dogs who got away from Ahmedabad. If it hadn't been for Lisa and Sarah, this pup would have ended up being killed by the criminal, corrupt Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation; or else left on the Pirana garbage dump like thousands of dogs there. I've heard of even pet dogs being harassed in that lawless uncivilized city. Mumbai's citizens and corporation are a million times more decent and evolved in comparison.

Thanks Sarah for these very special portraits, and most of all for giving Pete this blissful life!
Photos: Sarah O'Neill

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