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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dislocation 4 - Tragedies

I've read about other displaced dogs through the animal-lovers network. Dogs that are picked up for neutering but never returned, and new dogs with notched ears suddenly appearing in a neighbourhood. Recently I read a very sad appeal from a lady in Borivali, asking people to look out for two friendly little brown females that were never returned to their area after sterilization. Another dog lover replied that this has happened often with dogs in her area.

Dogs are living creatures, not statistics, and even a single displacement is extremely cruel and one too many. But if my street is a sample of what is happening all around town, the magnitude of this cruelty is horrifying. I'm referring to only a one kilometre stretch of my street, and seven dogs have been dumped here in the past year! What must be happening in the rest of the city?

Dogs can maul and even kill each other in territorial fights. A friend in Bangalore once described a nightmarish incident. A dog had been dropped in her area (Sultan Palya) and she had tried to befriend him and feed him. But she couldn't protect him from the neighbourhood dogs. The next morning she found his dead body on the pavement, bitten all over and bloody.

My sister told me about a similar lethal dog fight in Kolkata.

Above: The two displaced dogs in the meat shop lane near my house, chasing away an unsterilized dog who had entered the lane. The brown dog's head is visible on the left and the patchy one is in the centre.


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